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You may meet many different doctors and  specialists after being diagnosed with diabetes.

They  are all there for the same purpose: to keep you as healthy as possible while you deal with this illness.

Medical/ Health specialists

Apart from your general practitioner, the specialists may include:

  • An endocrinologist, can provide specialised diabetes knowledge and care
  • A dietician, nurse, or certified diabetes educator, can give you information on how to manage your diabetes
  • A councillor or mental health professional, can help you work through any potential emotional difficulties you may experience after being  diagnosed
  • A pharmacist, can help keep track of any medications you take for your diabetes
  • A dentist, can help if your high blood sugar levels have affected your teeth and gums
  • An ophthalmologist or optometrist (eye doctor) can screen for potential sight issues
  • A podiatrist (or foot doctor), can help handle problems with your legs and feet if they arise

Other issues that could arise from Diabetes.

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